I’m sitting outside in the beautiful sunshine as I write this, the sky is so blue and the birds are singing
It’s all very peaceful or should I say it was before I gave the neighbours an impromptu flash of my underwear as a ladybird flew straight down my top~to be fair I thought it was a wasp and In my haste pulled my vest top almost fully down revealing an eye full, sorry everyone!!

I’ve cut the grass which was resembling a jungle, I’m not entirely sure it looks any better now though it’s had what can only be described as a very bad haircut! Gardening clearly isn’t one of my best subjects.

Speaking of subjects it’s my last evening at maths tonight and although it’s been hard going I will actually miss it, I’ve met some great people and made new friends , I’m hoping that my maths skills have improved too ha ha.

They will certainly be put to the test tomorrow when we sit the first of three exams.To say I’m nervous would be any understatement but as I say to my two all the time as long as you your best that’s fair enough.

Still we shall see what tomorrow brings(hopefully all the answers!)
I shall now finish tidying up the mess I’ve made out here whilst enjoying the sun.
Happy Wednesday everyone.❤️x

No words


Last night I went to bed feeling sad for something I know I’ll never have again.
As I wake this morning and hear such tragic news, I’m reminded to be thankful and blessed.
I will count my blessings and hold them tight.
Why are we always searching for more and more, when we should be embracing what we have.
Life is too short,let’s make the best of it while we can.❤️x

Day dreams and Ice~creams

I was just driving home from swimming, its such a beautiful evening. As we drove along the seafront the sun was low and the tide was out, I definitely feel so lucky to live near the beach.

One of my favourite songs came on the radio and as I was singing along (badly) at the top of my voice with the kids, it took me right back to a weekend away I had with my fab friends.

Just listening to the words made me think of one of many girlie weekends away in Bournemouth.

Instantly I could picture us out in town what I was wearing and the gorgeous birthday glasses they insisted that I wear all weekend!!

I remember before we left there was a possibility of problems with the trains and we debated driving instead, fortunately this didn’t happen and we managed to leave the car at home.

Little things came straight into my mind~the pubs we went to, the people we chatted to. Feeling a little fragile the next morning and getting locked out of our hotel room when I popped to the vending machine to get a bottle of water.

Then having to go down to reception in my night wear only to bump into a stag party! The  receptionist was not impressed at my key not working and muttered something about having told us not to put the key card next to a mobile phone~oops!!!

Going for a yummy breakfast at what has now become our favourite cafe and one we have to visit for our breakfast whenever we are in Bournemouth.

Finally the journey home on the train, as you can imagine there was lots of flashbacks,giggles and laughter as we reminisced about the two great nights out we had just had. Funnier still was the guy who was sat across from us who ‘appeared’ to be asleep for the whole journey, when we got up to leave the train it was clear he hadn’t been sleeping and must of had a good laugh listening to our shenanigans!! 

Great memories of great times, I love how music plays such a big part in memories and life.❤️x

Burnt toast 

Monday Morning has begun Monday Morning oh what fun.

The toast is burnt and the porridge is lumpy,no wonder everyone is so grumpy.

Where’s my tie and my shoe,        Why is there so always so much to do?

Let’s not grumble let’s not moan, only a few hours and you’ll be home.

Wondering ‘Mummy’ what’s for tea? I don’t know just wait and see.

Come on now,don’t be late                   I hope your day is really great.


Crazy days


Sometimes I surprise myself and am reasonably organised and on the ball. Other times(this morning) I find myself waking up in bed fully dressed.
I am talking jeans, cardigan the whole lot. Now before you start to wonder~I did in fact go to bed completely sober. I was however so tired that when I got in I laid on the bed just for a moment, this obviously was enough for me to nod straight off and at some point I’m guessing I must of put the duvet over myself and decided it was bedtime.

It appeared to be one of those days yesterday, I had arranged to be very grown up and meet someone (yes it was a man!) for coffee.
I had a busy morning doing lots of revision with the maths ladies and was reasonably ready to go.

Of course at the last minute I wasn’t sure about my outfit so I got changed and then settled for what I was originally wearing in the first place! I knew we were meeting along the seafront so I would have to wear flats an option which I had resigned myself to.

Just as I was about to leave the house bearing in mind I was already 15 minutes late, I couldn’t find my shoes, I looked in all the usual places and they were nowhere to be seen.
I put on another pair and off I went.

For reasons best known to myself I went a completely long winded way and as I was driving there I thought to myself’ after 17yrs of living here surely navigating myself to the seafront should be a simple task!’

Eventually I arrive half an hour late and apologise profusely explaining my loss of shoes and probably making myself sound crackers!

Anyway we went for a lovely walk along the seafront and had a coffee and a nice chat.

That’s definitely something I have found on my online dating journey I find myself connecting with some really lovely people and that has to be a positive thing.

Sadly online dating can sometimes reveal people who aren’t looking for the same thing as you,it can also be damn right crazy and random,that just goes to show that as with all things in life sometimes you have to look a little further.
Keep your head held high ignore the messages that are just plain rude and only connect with likeminded people. There are some nice people out there.

Now let me bring you back to the problem of my missing shoes.
I came home and went out into the garden as I turned around to go back indoors there sat staring me right in the face were quite clearly my shoes! How and why they had been left out remains a mystery, safe to say it was just another crazy day.❤️x

Oh what a night


I’ve just got home from a fab,fab night.

It started off like most nights~trying to decide what to wear,how to do my hair and make up all in a very short space of time!

Once I was sorted I had to find the right shoes. It’s a well known fact that I don’t like going out in flat shoes,so it had to be heels although because of my back being problematic this week I opted for ‘small’ heels( nothing like a compromise!)

I picked up my friend and we headed for the pub, we had a great time watching a brilliant band.

During the eve I was chatting to some guys who gave me some male prospective on my favourite topic~dating! It was great to chat to them about it and see if they have similar views to us ladies.

I can confirm they did, you’ll be able to hear more about that when I’ve finished compiling my dos and don’t’s of dating from both sides.

After lots of singing and a little boogie it was time to go.
My car decided to play that fun game called’ basically you have no petrol left’ and went from saying 10miles to 2miles until empty in a matter of minutes.
Having established that most petrol stations where now shut luckily we found one that was open 24hrs and fortunately despite saying 0miles until empty we made it.
I went in to pay and came out with a coffee and some chocolate, how did that happen at gone midnight?!

Having dropped my friend home I got in and had the unenviable task of removing half of my wardrobe plus my perfume,body lotion and hair brush off of my bed so I could get in it! I really must try and get some sleep I’ve got to be up early for maths revision~oh the joys!

Still I can’t complain it’s been a great start to the weekend.❤️x




To say it’s a small world is an understatement, never a truer word was spoken when that statement became reality.

Let me take you back slightly to when I had become newly single.

I signed up to a dating site and had started chatting to someone, I knew he was local but obviously not exact location etc.

He asked me if I was free to meet for a drink that evening, I had already made plans to go out with friends so we left it at that, both of us saying we would rearrange at a later date.

Having met with my friends we were sat in the pub deciding what to order for dinner. The conversation had turned(as usual) to the subject of my love life.

I told them I had been asked for a drink tonight and showed them his profile.

Imagine my surprise when one of my friends suddenly announced ‘oh my goodness, that guy you were talking about has just walked in!’ Of course they both turned to look and as I hid behind the menu not believing them at all, I caught a glimpse and low and behold it was him!

I didn’t think he’d seen me although he must of heard the laughter erupting from our table as I turned about 20 shades of pink and repeated over and over to my friends that no I could not go over and say hi!!

When we left the pub we messaged each other, he asked how my evening was and vice~versa. It turns out he hadn’t seen me in the pub, but had seen a group of girls and asked was I the blonde one? Erm no look at my profile pic that will confirm that one ha ha.

Anyway he said he often goes into that particular pub as its local to him. Likewise it’s the nearest pub to my house too.

He proceeded to ask me if I knew a certain road and I said yes.

I knew it alright because it’s the same road that I live on!!

It turned out we live almost opposite each other~what are the chances?!

I had never seen him although he would walk pass my house sometimes daily.

We did meet up but decided we were both looking for different things. Even now I’ve only seen him walking past once or twice.

To this day it still makes me laugh that despite living a stones throw away from one another,neither of us knew anything about the other until we happened upon each other online.

It certainly is a big old world out there.❤️x

Hole in one 

So I’ve not been feeling great, I am suffering with my back and despite being at home all day I have to and I do mean have to pop to Tesco it’s a near on emergency because my daughter has put yet another hole in yet another pair of tights!! 

Now realistically this isn’t a problem it’s not far and won’t take long but (and I can’t believe I am going to announce this publicly) I’ve not done anything to my hair and I’ve no make up on. 

Add to this the fact that I’m waddling like a constipated duck and you get the idea of the look I’m currently rocking! 

So all was reasonably uneventful (always a good thing) apart from the fact I realised after getting home that I have a hole in my jeans right in the backside area,I can only apologise to any one who was walking near me he he.

After the effort of putting make up on etc the first thing I do when I get in is have a hot bath,needn’t of bothered after all!

Still you can almost guarantee that if I hadn’t I prob would of bumped into the man of my dreams!

Speaking of dreams, I’m hoping for some nice ones tonight. 

Sweet dreams to you all.❤️x

Making Memories 

A picture tells a thousand words.

I love looking at photographs and being instantly transported back to the exact time and place.

Time is so precious,it goes by so fast and can be filled so quickly.

Sometimes we need to sit back and take a breath and savour these times~hours,minutes,even seconds.

When you look back at memories they may of seemed like small things but as time goes by you realise they were big things.

I want my children to look back at the memories we are making and feel the happiness and love that I feel when I look back at my childhood.

Memories really do last a life time❤️x

Things to do


I love a to do list, the trouble is I write them then I lose them which kind of defeats the object I feel.

Today’s to do list should look like this~

*Post office (collect surprise item)I literally have no idea what it is!



*Sort out paperwork

*Stick to my diet

Let’s be honest though this is probably more likely to happen~

*Plonk backside on sofa and be none the wiser re~parcel.

*Ignore the dust it’ll still be there tomorrow and the next day.

*Count how many episodes of loose women I can manage to fit in before the school run and class that as my daily dose of maths.

*Ignore anything resembling paperwork unless it happens to be my new book which I would quite like to start reading.

*Raid the cupboards for anything sweet and hope that I’ve hidden some cherry bakewells in there somewhere!!

It’s true you should do something that makes you happy everyday
Hmm someone pass me the bakewells!!! ❤️x